Recently, I was reading a devotional by Eugene Peterson, author of the Message Bible. The title of the devotional was fantastic: “Desire for Reconciliation”. It’s central text was Genesis 3:1-10, which you can read here in the Message.

The passage talks about the serpent’s deception of Eve, the couple’s decision to rebel against God’s purpose for them, and God’s response to Adam when the man & woman were hiding in the garden.

After the reading, a reflection question came up: “How does this passage speak to your situation today?” And I jotted some notes notes down about my feelings of the passage. Here’s what I wrote:

God desires relationship with His sons & daughters. Too often, we hide because we’re afraid of what God will “see” when he looks at us or in us. Will he still love us? The answer is a definite & resounding YES! Because beneath shame & fear we really do long to be “seen” ultimately by Someone who will love us for who we are, not what we have done. I love how God’s primary question wasn’t: “How could you do this?” or “Why did you do this?” Truthfully, he knows the answers to those questions. No, his primary question was: “Where are you?” God wants to find us and to be close to us — even in the midst of the the worst decisions we could possibly make. What an incredibly comforting reality!

Do you feel God calling out to you today, asking you that same question: “Where are you?” Take some time to read that passage and think about how you would answer the Lord.


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