What Does Surrender Look Like?

What Does Surrender Look Like?

Recently, I was asked by someone what surrender really looks like:

Surrender comes down to you taking inventory in your heart the areas which you truly haven’t given over to Him. You and only you know what they are. Surrender happens not only in the most powerful worship services or in the light of impactful ministry. It happens I think most often in the quiet moments when no one is watching. When you’re alone and by yourself. Are you prepared to surrender your preferences, desires, feelings, opinions, rights when it’s just you and Jesus?


Quite often in the OT, when the Israelites were truly following the Lord, they established memorials (not idols) to remember the Lord speaking or doing a miraculous thing on that particular day. For the journey you’re pursuing right now, mark this very day as being the day you’re committing your life for a greater purpose than your own desires. Psalms 118:24 says, “THIS is the day the Lord has made. We will REJOICE and be GLAD in it.” It’s learning to live completely in the present and allowing God to have your heart in this very moment. Everything. Holding nothing back.

Will there be slips? Mistakes? Second looks? Temptations? Absolutely. But the goal for you Luke is the process. So I suppose I would say surrender happens not just in a moment or a day, but in the process, the journey that you’re taking. And that journey for you begins each day as you commit to do your very best.